Thursday, 15 March 2018

Otari Bush Visit with Enviroschools

Otari Bush Visit for Enviroschools.

The School Council Environmental group spent the day on Wednesday at Otari Bush.  
It was a fantastic day of learning!
We tested the health of the stream using a stream testing kit, noting water clarity, temperature and
observing the creatures and critters living there.  The consensus was that the stream is in reasonable
health despite the fact it passes through a suburban area. Not so good after rain though as the storm
water drains empty out into it.  And, we saw the eels under the bridge!
We spent time in the bush accompanied by Piwaiwaka, Tui, Riroriro and Kereru.  
We watched one very fat Kereru descend through the bush canopy to drink at the stream as we sat
beneath a massive Rimu.

In the afternoon we sketched in the Fernery, collected seed from the plant museum and planted them
under the guidance of Finn in the nursery.  We have brought some of them back to put in our own shade
We have some seeds from the native Hibiscus to plant at school.

Thanks to Arihia our Enviroschools coordinator, Micheline and the amazing staff from Otari and the
Botanical Gardens.

Growth mindsets in action

Today our students had a chance to show us what they know in maths.
Image result for growth mindset
Here were some of their thoughts afterwards:

growth mindset i used a growth mindset in my maths by not giving up and i wanted to try get as many things and i reread my work. at first it sounded hard but it turned out easy because i did my best!

Today I used a growth mindset in the PAT math test when I came to a hard question I persevered and found my way around feeling negative and did my best. I also found understanding a few questions hard and I tried my best to understand.
Theo B

I used a growth mindset in the maths test because I kept trying and I really wanted to get them write but at first I read through them fast and they didn’t make sense but then the questions made sense when I read through them again because I did it slower.

In maths when I did my sheet after morning tea I had trouble but I kept trying at one point I had to save one and do it when I finish the others I tried my best and I think I did great I can’t wait to see how I’ve improved

Today i used a growth mindset because i saw a question I couldn’t remember What it was if it was left or right I thought and then it popped into my mind

When I was doing my maths test and whenever I got to a hard tiff question I just said to myself I can do it and I won’t move on without an answer

Today I used a growth mindset by when we had a math test if I didn’t know one or didn’t understand it a kept trying and sometimes I’d move onto another question the go back to the one I didn’t know

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Bioblitz at Zealandia

A few of us were able to take part in a bioblitz at Zealandia today. We used an app called iNaturalist which is used across the world to help record what living things, like plants, birds and animals, are in different places. If you don't know the name of something you can just label it plant or fungi and an expert in that thing in your area will look at it and name it for you.

It's a really good way for scientists to get lots more information about the world around them as well as help others (like us) to learn about what is on the bush we are visiting. It was great to work with the youth ambassadors from Zealandia too. Maybe some of us will become youth ambassadors soon...

We learnt how to use iNaturalist and what Zealandia does for the plants and birds in this area. Zealandia also taught us how to protect New Zealand from pests. Some things we saw were: tui, kaka, a dead rat, kawakawa and sparrows.
Adam, Jan and Hunter R

We had a good time with the out door thing we did I liked that I got a very goodpicture of a saddle back . We found a dead rat 🐀 on a trap. We saw lots of native plants and lots of cool birds 🦅
Eleanor, Megan and Cameron

We went to zealandia with 8 other people today. We saw loads of birds, animals and trees. We learnt loads of plant names and we saw a brown teal ( rare duck ) and teikei ( saddleback ) tui and kereru ( wood pigeon ) kaka and thousands of other birds. We saw kawakawa and kutukutuku. We learnt how to use iNaturalist.
Emelia and Matilda

Today we went to Zealander. We learned about fish, birds and trees. Literally fish! White bate infact!! Here are some of the things we saw: Wood pigeons, Dead rats, satellite ducks and lots more.we have had a very exciting day at Zealander.
Peter, Mitchell and Solly

Football Tournament run by Student Council!

We have three student council groups at school
- the Environmental group (trapping, gardening, outdoor classroom)
- the Innovative group (Library and ICT)
- the Creative Entertainment group (PALs, Social)

They all fulfil a different purpose in the school, but the common goal is that all groups are service groups for the school.

This week the creative entertainment group have organised a Football tournament for anyone to join, on bottom court.

If you would like to join a team and have a go at football come and find one of the organisers.
If you would like to watch the tournament, come down at Lunch or Morning Tea and check it out!

Hadley has been our real life score board!
Fans going crazy!

Sketching in Wake up the Brain

Some students made a plan for our Sketching time in Wake Up the Brain. 

This week we have been sketching Locations. On Monday, we sketched a picture of Jabba's Palace from Star Wars. Our focus for the day, was to draw the cylindrical shapes how we SEE them, rather than what we think that they would look like. 

Check out our sketches!

We all wake up our brains differently and sketching is a place that is quiet and concentrated. Feel free to comment anything that you would like to see us sketch next!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Worser Bay Bush Builders Launch: Kaitiaki at the Zoo

On Friday we went to Wellington Zoo for the launch of our Bush Building programme.

We went to 3 different workshops:

We are all Connected:
We learnt that plants and animals play different roles in helping each other. We know that we have a role in this and kaitiakitanga is important.

Mindful Nature Trail: 
Students worked as a team to mindfully move through nature and discovered what makes New Zealand's bush unique. We also met a Weta and we had heaps of questions!

Positive Change at the Zoo:
We learnt what Wellington Zoo is doing for biodiversity. We make choices to create our ecosystem. We need to reduce human impact on our city. We went on a short walk outside of the zoo and were introduced to some native plant species. We also did some weed busting!

We met a kunekune called Parker. We were amazed that it almost became extinct and has made a come-back due to kaitiakitanga.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Workshop Day - Wednesday!!

These are some of the workshops we have done at school.
There is one on Google Drawings, one is a maths game, one is skip counting learning game and one is about area and perimeter.
We had a few more at the Learning in Action morning.

By Blaze, Stella and Anna

Google Drawings 
Skip counting game
Area and Perimeter 
Area and Perimeter
Nye's Multiplication Game
Area and perimeter

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Worser Bay Powhiri 2018

On 23rd February we welcomed our new families and staff at our Powhiri. It was a magical event! Thank you to Olivier for taking these beautiful photos. 

Patterns in Multiplication

Many of our students have set themselves goals to learn their multiplication tables. We have been looking at patterns in the multiplication grid. 

By Orla

Ways to Practise

Monday, 5 March 2018

Kevin's Visit to Worser Bay

Meet Kevin. He comes all the way from the USA. He loves to travel and has been all over the world. He spent a week with us at Worser Bay School. Below are the entries from places that he has visited.

 We had lots of fun with Kevin.